Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Receive Assistance with State Taxes at Art of Tax?

Yes, Art of Tax Inc. specializes in both federal and state tax preparations. Regardless of which state you’re filing for, our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to assist you. We ensure that your state taxes are accurately prepared in conjunction with your federal return to maximize your benefits and comply with state-specific tax laws.

What Should I Do If I Receive an IRS Audit Notice?

Don’t panic; Art of Tax is here to help. If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, contact us immediately. Our experienced tax professionals can provide guidance, representation, and support throughout the audit process. We’ll review the notice, help you gather necessary documentation, and advise on the best course of action to take.

What Documents Should I Bring for My Tax Preparation Appointment?

For a thorough and efficient tax preparation, please bring the following:

  • Identification (ID) for yourself and your spouse
  • Social Security cards for you, your spouse, and any dependents
  • W-2 forms from all employers
  • 1099 forms if you’re self-employed or have other income
  • Information on savings, investments, and any credits or deductions
  • Last year’s tax return for reference
Does Art of Tax Offer Services for Self-Employed Individuals and Freelancers?

Yes, Art of Tax provides specialized tax preparation services for self-employed individuals and freelancers. Navigating the complexities of self-employment taxes can be challenging, but our experts are well-versed in maximizing deductions and credits to benefit your unique tax situation.

Can I Obtain a Price Estimate? What Are the Charges?

Art of Tax Inc. proudly offers NO-COST ESTIMATES. Simply bring your tax documents to any Art of Tax branch, and one of our tax specialists will assess your potential federal and state refunds or liabilities, in addition to informing you about our service fees. Should our services meet your approval, we’ll take it from there.

Art of Tax delivers a tax estimation service to ascertain your taxable amount based on your annual income bracket.

Is it Possible to Have the Tax Preparation Fee Deducted from My Refund?

Indeed, Art of Tax Inc. facilitates the deduction of our service fees directly from your refund. Your refund can be directly deposited into your bank account upon providing us with the necessary routing and account numbers, or alternatively, you can collect your check from the Art of Tax office where you filed. For further details on alternative arrangements, please consult with your tax specialist.

Necessary documents include valid IDs for both the taxpayer and their spouse, alongside the banking details where the account holder’s name aligns with that on the tax return.

Refund timelines vary, with the IRS typically processing refunds within less than 21 days, though some cases may extend longer. *State refunds vary in processing time.

How Can I Update My Personal Information with Art of Tax?

Updating your personal information is easy with Art of Tax Inc. You can either call your local Art of Tax office, where you filed your taxes, or email us with your updated information. It’s important to keep your information current to ensure smooth communication and accurate tax filing.

What is the Expected Duration to Receive My Refund?

The IRS generally processes refunds within approximately 21 business days, although some cases may require additional time. Amendments and returns submitted via paper mail typically take between 6-8 weeks. State processing times vary.

To inquire about your refund status, feel free to consult an Art of Tax Professional two weeks post-filing.

For Federal Refund Status, visit the IRS website and select ‘Where’s My Refund?’ or dial 800-829-4933.

For State Refund information, please visit your State Tax Board’s website and look for the refund status option.

Is In-person Office Visit Mandatory, or Can We Proceed Virtually/Online?

You can forward your documents/information through Fax/email/USPS/FedEx/UPS, and an Art of Tax Professional will reach out to you promptly. Art of Tax Inc. offers Free Tax Estimates, informing you of potential refunds or liabilities for both Federal and State, in addition to our service fees. If our services align with your needs, we will proceed accordingly. Serving clients globally, we prioritize in-person interactions but also accommodate online tax filing.

Is Filing Mandatory Even with Minimal Earnings Last Year? What's the Minimum Income Requirement for Filing?

The necessity to file is determined by various factors including your filing status, income, age, and your decision to file separately or jointly. These elements play a crucial role in determining your tax filing obligations. For the latest filing requirements, consult our Tax Updates section.

Who Can I Claim as a Dependent? Is Claiming a Pet or Partner Possible?

Dependents are those who rely on you financially for more than half of their support, are human, and are related to you. Your ability to claim dependents is influenced by your filing status—whether you’re single, married, living with a partner, legally separated, or widowed, with or without children. Eligible dependents must be financially reliant on you during the tax year.

This dependent tax consideration hinges on whether they qualify as a Child or Relative, meeting specific criteria related to residence, support, age, and household membership.

Are Electronic Filing (e-filing) Services Available at Art of Tax?

Absolutely! Art of Tax Inc. offers electronic filing services for both federal and state tax returns. E-filing is a secure and efficient way to submit your tax documents, often resulting in faster processing and quicker refunds. Ask one of our tax professionals about e-filing options to expedite your tax filing process. Visit File Your Tax Online

Will Lack of Health Insurance Result in a Penalty?

The federal penalty for not having health insurance was abolished with the 2019 Tax reforms. Nonetheless, some states continue to impose penalties in 2020 and 2021.

Can Art of Tax Help With Tax Planning for the Next Year?

Yes, at Art of Tax, we believe in proactive tax planning to help you minimize your future tax liabilities. Our experts can provide personalized tax strategies and advice tailored to your unique financial situation, helping you make informed decisions throughout the year that could benefit you come tax season.

Is Claiming an Adult Child Possible?

Yes, provided the relationship can be substantiated.

Non-student adult children must have no income to be eligible.

Yes, college students aged between 19 to 24, who are U.S. residents/nationals/citizens, haven’t filed jointly in the previous year, and have over half their support provided by you, can be claimed.

Can I File Taxes if I've Missed the Past Few Years?

Absolutely, Art of Tax can assist in filing for multiple years concurrently.

The IRS permits claims for up to three years of missed refunds. For record-keeping or other IRS requests, we can accommodate filings for over 10 years.

As a College Student, Am I Eligible for Any Deductions? What Should I Bring?

College students under 24 may still be claimable by their parents or guardians.

Please bring all receipts related to books, supplies, your 1098T form, and/or class schedule.